KAIC is a nonprofit organization seeking to advance and promote Kentucky’s aerospace industry by providing leadership and creating collaborative partnerships that will ensure the industry has the resources it needs to succeed.


Primary Goals

(1) Establish a strong brand for the aerospace industry in Kentucky.

(2) Advocate for the aerospace industry to raise its overall profile.

(3) Serve as a connection point for private and public entities to engage in constructive dialogue and support events that facilitate this interaction.

(4) Promote workforce development at the pre-college, university, technical and community college levels to include advanced degrees, workforce training, and educational outreach.

 (5) Reinforce research and development related to aerospace occurring at universities and in the private sector in support of the evolution of the industry.

(6) Facilitate connections to existing and future organizations in related industries toward the mutual benefit of the economic growth of the Commonwealth.



Board of Directors

  • Executive Director:    D. Stewart Ditto II
  • Chairman:    Dr. Ben Malphrus
  • Secretary:    J. Edwin Webb
  • Treasurer:    Danette Wilder
  • Director:    Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton
  • Director:    Comm. of Aviation Steve Parker
  • Director:    Brad Thomas
  • Director:    Kris Kimel