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making kentucky a global aerospace standard

The Kentucky Aerospace Industry Consortium is a community of Kentucky companies, entrepreneurs, engineers, students, pilots, veterans, policymakers, service providers, and anyone dedicated to making the aerospace industry in our Commonwealth recognized for its capabilities around the world. We are on the pulse of everything that dares to defy the ground. We are visionaries, makers and doers. We see limits and we test them. We see boundaries and we cross them. We think Kentucky is more than horses, bluegrass, and bourbon.

We see the future, and we're flying towards it. 


600+ Companies in the Kentucky aerospace and defense cluster


19,000 jobs in the aerospace and defense cluster

$12.4B in aerospace and defense exports in 2018

The #1 Kentucky export and ranked the #2 aerospace export state


Check out The Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development "Think Kentucky" aerospace website and the state-wide aerospace and defense industry study for more information.


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We would like to extend the greatest thanks to our partners, who make KAIC Possible!

KAIC is dedicated to advancing Kentucky‚Äôs aerospace industry. However, we could not accomplish any of our goals without our wonderful corporate sponsors, who help build the broader Kentucky business ecosystem, raise the standard of Kentucky talent, and contribute to the financial sustainability of the KAIC program. Our sponsors encompass a wide array of Kentucky businesses and institutions, including leaders in energy, technology, manufacturing, and more. 


A key economic driver to the commonwealth