Membership with KAIC benefits everyone from individuals looking to network and find new opportunities to small suppliers looking to grow their operation and large organizations seeking to build a better ecosystem around them (such as supply chain, workforce pipeline, etc.)

This page details the Corporate Membership, perfect for large organizations looking to build the ecosystem around them. 

Corporate Membership

This membership level is perfect for large organizations who seek to build the ecosystem and community around them, including developing a more effective supply chain to source small and local businesses, developing a greater workforce pipeline, and more. This may include large defense contractors, universities, or other large companies and organizations. 

As part of this membership level, you will receive:

  • Free Individual Memberships for all affiliated individuals, including students, employees, or partners. 
  • Access to top-level representation and awareness at the state level, including involvement in bi-monthly facility tours we will host with elected officials and leaders around the state. 
  • Free attendance and involvement at reverse trade shows, during which small and local suppliers can be identified to increase supply chain support and meet federal set asides. 
  • Access to all other KSTC resources, including KSTC Advisory Services. 
  • Education and information, in the form of inclusion on our mailing list and monthly news letters, invitations to free webinars and training sessions, etc. 
  • Assistance with building a workforce pipeline and acquiring new talent, including access to our unparalleled network of students, veterans, and current aerospace and defense employees around the state. 
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