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Drones for First Responders - 30 hr Training - Certificate Program

  • Hazard Community Technical College (map)
  1. Mission Planning – Learn how to program and fly a drone mission from two of the most recognizable software applications known.  You will also learn how to use application for rapid deployment while the ground station is being prepared.

  2. Drone simulation training – Learn to fly missions with amazing computer simulators used by the U.S. Army for training.  Missions will be realistic and the instructor can actively interact with you, the pilot.  Find out how to hand the loss of a propeller, wind gusts and much more.  The hands on experience will prepare you for the real flights at the USA Drone Port.

  3. Preparing for Deployment and Good Housekeeping - Learn about the electronics, cables, batteries and supplies you will need.  Prepare your inventory list to review before deployment, learn about battery and equipment maintenance and have your equipment ready at a moment’s notice. Learn how to create a SOP for one pilot or many pilots in your organization.

  4.  Ground Station – Learn to set up the ground station, have it working correctly, scalable and test the equipment to ensure communication, power, strategy and implementation are correct.

  5. Flight training – Professional hands on instruction and training at the USA Drone Port with multi-rotor aircraft and winged aircraft. 

  6. Multi-rotor FLY THE MISSIONS – You fly a mission at the USA Drone Port and learn with this hands-on training, how the mission feels in real time.

  7. Fixed Wing FLY THE MISSIONS – You will design the mission and program the autonomous flight for the W18A Copperhead First Responder Aircraft and experience the extended flight time, the extended ground coverage and how to engage multi-rotor missions to locations identified by the Copperhead.

The weekend will also include demonstrations, including a night search and rescue, new equipment ready for use and much more.

When you are finished with this 30-hour training, you will have an abundance of experience and a USA Drone Port IA First Responder UAS certificate.  Our staff are from Law Enforcement, Military, Academics, and the UAS industry.  Each of our Staff Members have a combination of 107 Remote Pilot Certificate, daylight waivers, Engineer and Design foundation, First Responder experience, training and a wealth of knowledge in the UAS industry

This is an opportunity to have the training with multiple aircraft, payloads and missions offered for the first time at this scale.  Participate in Night Flights on teams with authorized pilots and experience safe, effective night missions with thermal cameras, Lights to illuminate the recovery area and much more.

We are offering this class at an introductory price of $250.00 for early registration and $450.00 for late registration.  We have Thirty seats available and is on a first come, first serve basis.  This is an introduction price.  We hope you are one of the thirty participants and we look forward to seeing you in October!