Membership with KAIC benefits everyone from individuals looking to network and find new opportunities to small suppliers looking to grow their operation and large organizations seeking to build a better ecosystem around them (such as supply chain, workforce pipeline, etc.)

This page details the Individual Membership, good for students, veterans, jobseekers, independent contractors (such as freelance marketers, IT professionals, etc.), and individuals interested in aerospace. 

Individual Membership

This membership level is perfect for students, veterans, job seekers, independent contractors, and any individual looking to become part of the aerospace and defense community in Kentucky. 

As part of this membership level, you will receive:

  • Resume and job search assistance, including inclusion in our pool of talent database to be shared with client companies and mentoring to determine your right fit. 
  • Education and information, in the form of inclusion on our mailing list and monthly news letters, invitations to free webinars and training sessions, etc. 
  • An unparalleled networking opportunity, including inclusion in all KAIC events. 

If you're a student, veteran, or employee/affiliate of a sponsoring company, see about discounting the cost of this membership down to $0!


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