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Lt. Governor jenean hampton

As Lieutenant Governor and longtime space enthusiast, I'm thrilled that Kentucky's largest export industry is aerospace and defense. This industry is poised for robust growth in the coming years, especially with deliberate attention from key stakeholders. That's why I established the Kentucky Aerospace Industry Consortium (KAIC) in 2016, on the anniversary of the day Sputnik inspired Homer Hickam to become an aerospace engineer. The KAIC is a nonprofit group whose purpose is to promote and grow our commonwealth's aerospace, aviation and defense sectors. It offers support for quality management, cybersecurity, workforce development, supply chain networking, event promotion and much more. I encourage interested parties to join this dynamic network of companies, educational institutions, government entities, and students. Together, we can help boost Kentucky's aerospace and defense industry to higher orbit.

HElping shape the industry recognition that kentucky deserves

individual membership


This membership level is perfect for students, veterans, job seekers, independent contractors and any individuals looking to become a part of the aerospace and defense community in Kentucky. 

As part of this membership level, you will receive:

  1. Resume and job search assistance, inclusion in our talent database to be shared with client companies and mentoring to determine your right fit.

  2. Education and information, in the form of inclusion on our mailing list and monthly newsletters, invitations to free webinars and training sessions, etc.

  3. An unparalleled networking opportunity, including inclusion in all KAIC events.

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Creating lasting relationships that will make kentucky aerospace and defense sustainable


premium membership


This membership level is perfect for small to medium sized aerospace and defense related companies looking to scale their operation.

As part of this membership level, you will receive:

  1. Assistance with obtaining quality certifications (AS9100, ISO9001) from KAIC contractors.

  2. Inclusion for cyber security events, webinars, and training sessions. Assisted advanced cyber training and KAIC contractors.

  3. Free company assessment and evaluation through KSTC Advisory Services to determine company needs and target of necessary solutions. Discounted fees with contract through KSTC Advisory Services.

  4. Education and information, in the form of inclusion on our mailing list and monthly newsletters.

  5. Counseling on proposal writing for government and prime contracts. The Kentucky PTAC can help identify contracting opportunities, but not assist with submitting bids.

  6. Assistance with building a workforce pipeline and acquiring new talent through access of our unparalleled network of students, veterans, and current aerospace and defense employees around the state.

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pushing the boundaries to establish the next great aerospace and defense state


corporate membership


This membership level is for large organizations who seek to build a sustainable ecosystem and community around them. Including developing a more effective supply chain to source small and local businesses, developing a greater workforce pipeline and more. This may include large defense contractors, universities, or other large companies and organizations. 

As part of this membership level, you will receive:

  1. Access to all benefits of individual and premium memberships and…

  2. Free Individual Memberships for all affiliated individuals including students and employees.

  3. Access to top-level representation and awareness at the state, national, international level.

  4. Priority access for involvement at reverse trade shows, during which small and local suppliers can work to increase supply chain support and meet federal set asides.

  5. Access to all other KSTC resources, including KSTC Advisory Services.

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